6 advantages of green oak frames in construction

6 Advantages of Green Oak Frames in Construction

Green oaks are the most preferred materials for flooring, furniture, construction, fireplace mantels and others, because of its advantages. They are a wonderful living natural product which gets only better in strength and appearance over time. When considering using green oaks, take a look at some of the advantages you can get from it.

Adds Character to Your Space

Green oak frames on your fireplace give it a period charm and grandeur, which serves as a great focal point into your living room. It provides an appeal that makes the room feel more inviting and cozier.

It blends in beautifully to your interior design, whether its modern, contemporary, industrial and others. It enhances your style and creates a lasting impression that leaves your guests impressed. Whether you have a big open fireplace or a small wood burning stoves in Stockport, green oak frames can give it character and improve the overall look of your living room.

Very Durable and Long Lasting

What makes green oak frames extremely durable is that, unlike other timbers, they are hard, strong and resistant to moisture and elements. Structures like houses and barns made out of green oaks are known to be still standing even for centuries.

It loses moisture and shrinks in width gradually in time. This natural process of seasoning turns the wood harder and stronger as it dries. Green oak is hard-wearing material that can last for many years more.

It is much more durable compared to kiln-dried or air-dried oaks. Drying wood using a kiln tends to damage the structural integrity of the wood which can result in bowing and twisting. Accelerating the drying process dries the wood from the outside. The heat cannot penetrate the center of the wood without damaging the weakening of the oak.

Thus, the drying process will still give you wood that is still green on the inside which renders the whole process quite unnecessary.


A great advantage of using green oak frames is that it is very low-maintenance. It is why the green oak frames are the most sought out material. It does not need to be treated with fire-retardants and preservatives which are toxic and dangerous to your health. You need not much other a feather duster to rid the surface of dust.

It’s a practical choice as it saves you from the stress, worry, and cost of maintaining it. As long as your wood’s moisture content remains less than 20%, fungi or rot would not occur. All you need is to prevent water or dampness from penetrating your green oaks.

Green oaks don’t require a surface finish, but if you chose to, you could use oil or wax to change or maintain its natural hue.

Resistant to Fire and Insect Attack

Even without any artificial coatings, green oak is highly resistant to insect attacks and rot since it’s a breathable material, meaning it lets humidity and moisture pass through it. It also has low thermal conductivity, it chars and burns very slowly compared to another type of woods.

They are even proven to retain its load-bearing capabilities or resistance to control the spread of flame.

Less Expensive and Eco-Friendly

Green oaks take a little amount of energy to source, manufacture, and transport. Unlike kiln or air-dried oaks which takes a lot of energy and time to dry before it is deemed usable. Green oaks can be used subsequently after it has been extracted.

Since it cost less to extract, manufacture and transport, it also means green oak frames are less expensive than dried oaks. Dried oaks require a lost of cost for its storage, labor and heating process to complete the drying process. The additional labor and storage only multiply its cost with no added benefits whatsoever.

Weathers Beautifully

Green oak frames gain strength as it ages, and at the same time earns more character to its appearance. It weathers beautifully, turning more honey colored indoors.

Splits and crack naturally occur as it dried, but it never compromises its structural integrity. Rather, it adds to the charm and character which people are looking for to complement the style of your fireplace or gas fires Burnley.

The aged appearance of green oaks carries its own unique charm that only a living natural product can bring.

To Sum It All Up

With all the numerous advantages it offers, the green oak frames are a great choice not only for construction but your fireplace as well. They age beautifully over time. It is durable, less expensive and very low maintenance. So, why not choose green oak frames to upgrade your living space’s value and style?