Remodeling Your Basement Can Add More Space

Remodeling Your Basement Can Add More Space

Increase Your Living Space

The basement was traditionally a dark and dank destination to store holiday decorations and old toys. But the modern family uses more space per person than any other time, and a lot of homeowners are looking for more livable space. Turning the basement into usable quarters is a logical choice. Whether you have a full or partial basement, follow some elementary steps to produce a cozy and appealing retreat: prepare space for safe living, consider the method that you and your loved ones use the space, and thoughtfully design the plan to satisfy those needs.

Prepare the Space for Safe Living

Subterranean spaces will almost always be prone to dampness and flooding. Even if you rarely have water problems, address even small issues, and take proactive measures to avoid larger problems before doing every other work. One bout of leaking or flooding can ruin any finish work. Start by consulting an experienced home inspector who specializes in waterproofing basements.

Air that circulates well helps prevent condensation and mold problems. But most basements in older homes have few if any vents and return air ducts. During the remodeling process add these openings where they are going to the most efficient. If your basement houses the furnace, as well as other major appliances, use a carbon monoxide detector to ensure that dangerous fumes aren’t being sucked with the vents and into the remaining portion of the house.

Decide How the Space Will be Used

A finished basement will add lots of livable space to your dwelling. Consider your family’s changing needs and how you use space. Popular and practical uses add a recreation room for the kids, a music practice area, or perhaps a home theatre. Utility components like water lines and cooling and heating ducts usually are …

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A Basement Finishing Wrinkle Blocking Follow-Up

A Basement Finishing Wrinkle Blocking Follow-Up

Recently I wrote regarding the requirement for a wrinkle-blocking plan with your basement finishing project. And while this plan isn’t made to remove any potential forehead wrinkles a result of the stress of these a project, it could help eliminate that as well!

Seriously though, the wrinkle-blocking plan we’re discussing this is the engineered to be likely to maintain the carpet inside your basement finishing project from developing unsightly wrinkles or bubbles down the road.

As previously referred to, a power-stretcher is a vital tool in installing carpet so that it won’t wrinkle down the road yet it’s not the only important aspect of your respective wrinkle-blocking plan (see our previous article: “A Basement Finishing Wrinkle You Have to Think About” for more).

The power-stretcher is pointless in the event the tack strip holding your carpet set up isn’t strong and wide enough to keep the stretch that comes from the power-stretcher. Thus, a strong, wide tack strip could be the other vital component of a good basement finishing wrinkle-blocking plan.

Question #1:

Ask your contractor what sort of tack strip is going to be used to keep the carpet on your basement finishing project. In my experience, there are 2 acceptable answers: Tri-Tack (1-1/2″ of the strip) or two rows of 1″ strip (total of 2″ of the strip).

Question #2:

Ask your contractor what sort of tack strip is installed. The type of sub-floor you’ve is vital. If the sub-floor is concrete in your basement, finishing it with carpet helps it be much more comfortable, but provides its problem; the concrete nails in tack strip don’t always hold well. In this case, the answer you are considering out of your contractor is the tack strip will probably be glued after which nailed.

If you have a wood subfloor …

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Customizable Amish Furniture - 7 Ideas

Customizable Amish Furniture – 7 Ideas

Amish living room furniture offers a host of excellent options for some interesting and imaginative mix and match options to impart a classy and impressive look to your home and in particular to your living room. You can buy entire matched sets of furniture, make your choice from Amish custom furniture or select individual pieces such as smart complement of Amish barstools or the much loved Amish gliders that can create a special niche in any room in the house.

The great thing with Amish furniture is how versatile it can be: you can buy a set of perfectly matched Amish living room furniture or just one or two pieces to mix and match or in addition to your existing set up. Further you can customize each item according to your requirements. Amish custom furniture can have a great deal of options based on which you can have alternations made:

1. You can choose from among many different styles from among Shaker, Mission or traditional which the Amish are so famous for making. Or one can even choose from more modern, contemporary styles.

2. For the hutches, buffets, chest or TV stands you can have customized the sort of drawer glides that you like such as full extension rollers, or under mount full extension ball bearing slide or mount full extension ball bearing. You can even add self closing and/or anti slam glides as per your specifications.

3. You can choose from among different kinds of glass used in the panes of cabinets, as table tops, or as inserts for other kinds of furniture. You can pick glass of your choice, such as certain kinds of leaded glass, smoked, bevel, water or straw.

4. The hardware in terms of handles, knobs or other fittings in the furniture can …

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Techniques in Buying Kid's Furniture

Techniques in Buying Kid’s Furniture

Furniture for your kid need not only be considered as room furnishings but also as investments. Hence, when you buy furniture for your child, it should be something that he can use for a long time. When buying stuff for the room, you must remember that a child’s interest changes fast and grows fast as well. You must consider the furniture’s sturdiness, fun and adaptability. Kids don’t really need a lot of furniture. They oftentimes need only a desk with chair, dresser and bed.

When you buy room fittings for your child, durability must be your primary consideration. Know that kids do play harsh and rough therefore they would need furniture that are strong and can last longer. Although bunk beds are meant for kids who share the same room, you can still buy one though for your child. Bunk beds are great since it offers extra space for his friends if they decide to sleep over while at the same time, offering a great place for storage.

Apart from durability, adaptability must also be considered in buying furniture. Some furniture can grow old with your child like some cribs that can be converted to toddler beds, twin bed and day beds with support and braces. Your child can use such furniture for several years.

Dressers are the one of the basic requirements for a child’s bedroom. You can purchase dressers from a yard sale and you can strip it and then have it painted with solid color. You can purchase stickers, decals or stencils and let your kid decorate it. Once his interest changes, you can take off the stickers and start decorating it again. It can also be painted again when they grow older make it suitable for grown up kids.

Fun is the most important …

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Why Fypon Millwork is the Way to Enhance Your Home

Why Fypon Millwork is the Way to Enhance Your Home

Adding millwork to your home produces a finished, professional touch to enhance any home improvement. Millwork in the form of crowns, dentils, fascias and a host of other applications can make all the difference between a home that looks like a simple box and a stylish decorative and tasteful professionally finished look.

Many people look to use millwork made from wood not least as they like the natural feel however, if the millwork is going to be painted there is little point in using wood as it does suffer from serious drawbacks. Wood millwork requires additional maintenance, particularly painting and can be harder to work with especially if you are performing the work yourself. There is also the cost to factor in to your overall decision as wooden millwork tends to run more expensive than manmade material.

Fypon is made from high density polyurethane which is known for its strength, ease of handling and is low maintenance – it also compares very favorably with wooden millwork and indeed virtually any other millwork material. Fypon really comes into its own when you look at the variety of moldings and millwork that can be created from it with ease; this gives you an extremely wide choice of design and style to select from and the material is eminently suitable for outdoor finishing as well as interior treatment.

Being a man made material, Fypon has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind and not just the ease of fitting. Fypon is also very easily stored for lengthy periods of time for those who enjoy being nagged while performing do-it-yourself home improvement projects – just make sure that you store it so it will not bend or warp, for instance, lengthy pieces should be laid horizontally and columns vertically and ensure …

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