Contractors say these easy upgrades quickly boost resale value

Remodeling projects come in all shapes and sizes, as do the budgets available to create them. Yet, when it comes to increasing the home’s value, internal and external elements have the power to boost those resale numbers. Not to mention, homeowners can get some pretty amazing makeovers, even on a limited budget.

Contractors Say These Easy Upgrades Quickly Boost Resale Value

Boosting Resale Value with Internal Modifications

When considering home remodeling minneapolis contractors say it’s crucial to consider who the room will be meant for. For example, if remodeling a bathroom, there are other factors to think about first. If the bathroom is an en-suite for the master bedroom, then the requirements will be vastly different from let’s say, a child’s bathroom. In a master bathroom, meant for adults, you probably want to pay more attention to the accents, shower enclosure, and other brassware, than you would in a child’s bathroom.

When considering bathroom remodeling, you can make the best use of space by choosing vanities with extra drawers for storage and play around with different layouts. You can even change the scheme of your bathroom lighting to add a dramatic effect. The lighting of a bathroom has a great impact on how we feel. It’s one of the cheapest ways to change the appearance of any room, and a great way to give by using specific lights for certain areas.

For example, Zen lighting refers to the type of lighting that creates a serene and peaceful effect, which can be a refuge from the daily grind. A backlit mirror, accent spot lights, or any innovative design that surrounds a bathtub is not only relaxing but creates a spa environment. While there is plenty you can do on a DIY basis, lighting must adhere to strict guidelines that reflect certain zones, like those close to water sources. It’s always a smarter solution to consult with remodeling contractors before making changes.

Changing The Home’s External Appearance Fast

Choosing a garage door is probably the last thing you’d think of, however, garage doors play a huge role in curb appeal and resale value. Not only does it make up one-third of the home’s front facade, but in terms of security and insulation, it’s very important. These doors are just as important as any other door on the home.

Your main choices when it comes to selecting the material for your garage door are steel, glass-reinforced plastic, aluminum, and timber. Homeowners must decide on their preferences for both the type of materials and how the garage doors open. Up and over garage doors are still the most popular, but there are individuals who like more innovative designs.

So Why Renovate?

Experts say there are practical reasons to renovate, like when you upgrade it tends to increase your home’s value. With bathroom upgrades, you improve quality and design. Garage doors offer better security, better insulation which helps with energy consumption, and the design upgrades undoubtedly set you apart from other neighborhood cookie-cutter designs. If you’re looking to stand out, choosing new garage doors will change the appearance of the home. Making changes to your home, even on a low budget, will not only add visual improvements, but you’ll increase the value.