Developing the attic to create more room

Developing The Attic to Create More Room

Most people in the United States have an attic as a storage area. However, these rooms can be transformed to become a room by itself. Homeowners should do a lot of research online if they want to change the way their attic looks. The attic can be transformed in many ways – it could serve as a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a library, an entertainment room, an office, and so much more. It all depends on the creativity of the homeowner and the amount of budget that they are ready to spend to initiate the renovation of the attic.

The attic as a bedroom

Transforming the attic into a bedroom is one of the most common changes applied to this part of the house. Because of its location at the uppermost part of the house, transforming it into a bedroom is the preferable way to use the attic. To start the renovation, all you have to do is to sort the things stored within the attic. You can sell the items that are no longer needed through yard sales, and keep those that have value. Once the attic has been cleared of debris and clutter, you can start furnishing it. Check the attic for pests, and if there are not any, do not hesitate to call pest control companies, like Moxie Pest Control. They can eliminate home pests like rats, ants, cockroaches, and termites. After clearing the attic from pests, start painting the walls. Paint the walls of the attic with colors that look refreshing to the eyes. You can also choose the color that compliments the design of the whole house. Recommended colors that should be painted on the attic include bright colors, earth colors, and cool colors. You can also opt for wallpaper if there isn’t enough time to paint it. Then, you can start buying beds, closets, and everything that you might need to set up your new bedroom.

The attic as an office or a library

Another way to transform the attic is to convert it into an office or a library. The transformation would only require a moderate budget, and the things that are required for constructing the office would be an office desk and chair, along with several bookshelves. Office chairs and desks can be found inside home shopping centers, or you can also order online to check all of the products that meet your expectations. Most people prefer to buy online because of the unlimited number of choices that are available. For the shelves, you can opt to do it yourself, or ask for assistance from a professional carpenter. While it can be possible to buy a book shelve at a home center, it is more preferable to create one that would fit the dimensions of the attic. You can also create storage boxes where important files can be placed. The bookshelves can be filled in with your family photo albums, novels, reference books, and any other printed materials that can be found inside the house.

The attic as a living room or an entertainment room

The attic can be perfectly converted into a living room or an entertainment room. Depending on the floor area of the attic, a sofa set can be placed in the room, complete with a giant flat screen television. Because of the limited amount of light that could pass through the windows of the attic, the room can be transformed into a small home theater. Use dark curtains to cover the light passing through the window, and buy shelves that will hold the movie DVDs in place. You can also buy a vending machine that will complete the experience. Other homeowners transform their attics into entertainment areas, filling it with a billiard table, a console collection, or several arcades that can be purchased online.

The attic as a dining area or other miscellaneous room

The attic can also be converted into a dining area, a kitchen, or a bathroom. However, these ideas are not common, and a lot of work should be done when choosing to transform the attic into these types of rooms. There are also challenges that need to be faced when renovating the attic; for example, transforming it into a bathroom would require additional plumbing, making sure that there would be no leaks. Whatever you decide to do with your attic, having some extra room will always be a positive thing.