Dinner party advice

Many of us could afford to spruce up our social lives, and one such way to do that is by throwing a dinner party. Dinner parties are great way to socialize with friends and family that is also a gift, of sorts, to them. Serving friends and family while you enjoy each other’s company can also be great fun. However, if you’re like most Americans, this is probably outside your wheelhouse, and you may feel intimidated. There’s no need, however, as throwing a dinner party is much easier than it might sound.

The first order of business when planning a dinner party is the guest list. You may think the menu comes first, but there’s a reason to skip it for now. Think of who you’re going to invite first. Once you have a guest list put together, you can assemble a menu. And, knowing your guests ahead of time, you can plan alternatives for special cases such as allergies or other dietary restrictions, such as vegetarianism, veganism, or gluten intolerance.  Naturally, your party menu probably requires some shopping, so take care of that next. Then, it’s time to cultivate the ideal atmosphere.

The most important factor of a party’s atmosphere, regardless of what kind of party, is music. Something tranquil is a great fit for a dinner party, so consider some smooth jazz or some classical music that’s not too “epic.” Easy listening, in other words. Make sure to take some time to redecorate a bit. Try to consider your space from an outside perspective, or even ask a friend for advice on how to make your place more inviting. Lastly, you’re going to want to dress to impress. As the host of a party, you’re the life of the party, so dress like it. “Dress to the nines,” as they say. This means a suit for a man or a dress for a woman, though it can be a bit more casual. It really depends on the mood and your company. If you’re in need of comfortable and stylish dress shoes, shop Clarks to find what you need to complete the ensemble. Now, all that’s left is preparing the meal. Good luck!