Five great ideas for your spare room

Are you having trouble managing extra room? Turning a spare room into a useful part of the residence is challenging and daunting for some people. The task will push you to decorate, painting, carpeting, and selecting furniture – just as the first time you moved into the house.

However, converting an additional room into something you can use is also exciting. You get to fuel your imagination, unleash your creativity, and put it to great use – the options are endless! While some opt to turn theirs right into a guest room or even an office, you need to use these five great ideas for your spare room:

Fitness Room

Health is wealth. Get physically rich by investing in your wellbeing. Why join a gym when you can create one as part of your house?

Fill the space with weights, treadmills, and also other digital cameras that fit your needs. Maintain a wide-open area, placed a music system as well as a TV for possible aerobics and dance exercises. Belly dancing, Zumba, and taebo are fantastic calorie-burning activities that are fun at the same time. Put up pictures of your respective favorite athletes and beaches for inspiration.

You can keep fitness magazines, exercise DVDs, and yoga mats in this room as well.

Game Room

Create the ultimate gaming knowledge about your spare room! For the computer game lover, it is possible to set up video consoles and take part in the day away without bothering the family room. For those who love sports, you can set up a foosball or billiard table. Mind games may be played here during family time, too. Add shelves and place board games like chess scrabble, snakes and ladder, a collection of handmade cards.

The game room can even be a toy room for kids and grandchildren. Set up the ideal atmosphere for your children by painting the walls with bright colors and putting different toys.

Music Room

Unleash the musical genius within you; don’t allow space function as the limit. Convert your spare room into a music room and reap numerous benefits. If you play in the guitar, the laptop keyboard, violin, or another musical instrument, a music room will be very convenient to suit your needs. If you don’t play any instrument but appreciate music, you’d love this idea also. With a high-impact stereo and multichannel surround sound system, there is not any way you’re going to get bored.

Soundproof as needed. You don’t want to bother other family members or neighbors together with your music.

Memorabilia Room

There are numerous treasured things or memories you need to keep safe. Why not put them everything in one room? Hang family portraits, trophies, plaques along other awards your family members have achieved. Display captured memories of your respective child’s first smile, 1st step, first birthday, first baseball game, and other firsts. Highlight the room with antique furniture your grandmother gave one to remind your children of the family roots.

It is up to you if you need this room to be exclusive to a family event members only, or might be shown to friends and other guests.


Turn your spare room right into a personal library and be the supreme armchair traveler. Escape reality and enter a new world with the pages of one’s favorite reading material. Add ceiling-high shelves and fill these with novels: fantasy, romance, adventure, poetry, as well as a lot more. Compile informative resources like encyclopedias, newspapers, and magazines. Include comfortable chairs and couches to get the best reading experience.

Paint the bedroom with soft pastel colors to assist with relaxation. You can also possess a table if you need to write or type something.