Garden decor blending pinks reds and blues

When thinking of your garden decor it is good practice to mix the appropriate colors to create interesting visual effects. There are a number of plants with flowers of pink or red – and a surprising number also have leaves in these tones. For your garden decoration you want to take advantage of these beautiful flowers and arrange them accordingly for maximum impact. When grouping plant displaying shades of pinks and reds, there is an endless range of options. Let us have a look at some of them.

Using Shades

Shades of pink, from the pales tones through to brightest magenta, can really draw the attention of your garden decor if you show them off together. Mass Begonias, Geraniums and Fairy Primroses together with Polka-Dot plants in all their colorful leaf shades. This is a type of cheap garden decor if you already grow these plants and only need to spend a bit of time re-arranging.

Just one shade of pink or bright red will also create a strong focal point. Group plants in an identical shade and place them in a large pot. For your home garden decor, you could arrange them in a low basket on a coffee table or display in a fireplace to great effect.

Adding a Supportive Color

Flowering plants have a unique appeal when they harmonize with surroundings. Highlight an area in your garden with pink touches by using flowering plants in the same tone. A plant with red leaves or flowers will, in the same way, bring out any small areas that need attention.

Pink and blue in the same depth of tone look charming used together. Think of a bunch of Sweet Peas, and mix these tones in a group of flowering plants or add plants in subtle shades of pink to a scheme in Lavender, Hydrangea Blue, Sky Blue or Lilac.

Creating a Contrast

Red is a wonderful color and would add great contrast to your garden decor if you mix it with green-leafed plants. Add red or pink flowering plants to a section of your garden that is surrounded by pale flowering plants. This will add warmth to your outdoor garden decor in designated areas that were not attractive before.

Red flowering plants create a startling contrast and add color to an area of your garden full with white flowers. A cluster of blooms in the palest pink will give a more sophisticated effect. Equally, the palest powder blue of Sweet Peas or the delicate blue of Forget-Me-Not will soften the overall effect of your garden decor.