Is it worth it to hire an interior designer for your new home

The short answer to the title question is YES. Interior designers are worth the expenses, when you have the expenses to spend. However, there are a few questions that you need to personally answer before you take on an interior designer for your new home décor.

Do You Have the Budget for an Interior Designer ?

Reputable, reliable interior designers are well-worth the price they charge, which could be anywhere from $75 to $200 per hour. Which is, commonly, the starting cost of their time and creative flow. You also have to invest in décor materials, such as trims, wallpapers, paints, furniture, and accessories. In other words, professional interior design can be quite costly, especially if you plan on shelling out for the décor of your entire new home.

Here’s some advice. Talk to your interior designer about a set budget, and go from there. Most interior designers will work with you to work something out, cost-wise. Additionally, you should start with one room—perhaps your favorite room in the house, then save up for the other rooms.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a home decorator, interior designer, and renovation contractor. For interior décor, opt for the first two. For build-ons that enhance and expand your living space, go with a home renovation contractor.

Do You Need Your New Home Decorated on a Timeframe ?

Most people move into new houses with the expectation that those houses will simply be comfortable, cozy homes. Somewhere they can relax with their loved ones after a long afternoon of hard work. However, there are those that consider their new homes the hub of entertainment. Ergo, they need an interior designer asap, as their celebrations and events operate on a timeframe.

This is a situation where, again, the timeframe and cost for a rush would depend entirely on the interior designer and their abilities. So, the best course of action is to host a consultation, where you can gage the capabilities and budget-friendliness of a décor artist.

Would You Contribute Creative Ideas? Or, Would You Give an Interior Designer Free Reign ?

Most interior designers are perfectly happy following your creative ideas. So, be bold and free in your color palettes and décor concepts. However, don’t be close-minded or obnoxious. Interior designers work best when given free reign over décor, because they can work with their own creative flow in its entirety. But, if you feel the need to add your own inspirational contributions, do so with politeness and an open-minded. Some of your ideas might not work as you see them in your head, so take to heart that a professional interior designer might know best.