A Woodworking Project that needs a Woodturning Chisel

A Woodworking Project that needs a Woodturning Chisel

Woodturning chisels are invaluable for projects that include decorative, shaped work that is typically turned on a lathe. Such projects can include making chair legs, salt and pepper pots, pieces for a balustrade, bowls, cups and even chess pieces. A piece of timber or a partly finished object is held in place on a lathe which rotates at high speed. A woodturning chisel is held in place to create the desired shape.

A Woodworking Project that needs a Woodturning Chisel

Types of Woodturning Chisel

Woodturning chisels generally have longer handles and blades for versatility when working on a variety of projects. They are available with shaped ends that each produce a different effect.

  • Domed Scraper Chisel – This has a smooth angled curve to eliminate rough edges inside hollow structures such as a bowl or cup
  • Deep Bowl Gouge – The U-shaped blade is ideal for hollowing out a piece of timber to form a bowl or cup
  • Roughing Gouge – With a sharply trimmed U-shaped end, this chisel is used to begin work on a project by cutting away excess timber
  • Skew Chisel – The neat wedge shape of this chisel is perfect for finishing a piece by smoothing the surface
  • Oval Skew Chisel – This is similar to the previous chisel except the back of the blade is curved to allow it to be held in position against a rest
  • Fingernail Profile Gouge – The elongated fingernail cutting edge can be used either head on or at the side for creating flexible shapes
  • Parting and Beading Chisel – The sharp V-shaped end is ideal for cutting notches and beadwork
  • Spindle Gouge – This has a lop-sided U-shape which enables a neat finish for spindles

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