What you need to know when hiring shipping containers

What You Need To Know When Hiring Shipping Containers

Hiring shipping containers needs not to be a hair-raising experience with the many options to choose from in the market. Whether you need on to actually use for your shipping needs or for other needs like building, you can always find something to suit your needs.

Some of the things you need to know beforehand to prevent you from getting short-changed include (ref: Tiger Containers) :

1. The Size/ Dimensions

Before hiring a shipping container, it is important to determine the size of the container you will need first. Having the amount of storage items that will go into it in mind is a good way to determine what size of container you will need. It is important when picking out a size to know that going for one large container as opposed to many small ones is a more sound decision economically.

2. Durability

This is a must check without a doubt. To avoid the risk of damage to the container while it is in your care that may attract extra charges, or worse, damage to your property, you will need to check for the durability of the container before agreeing to any deals. Checking the container thoroughly to ensure it is in the best possible shape may not only save you extra costs but also ensure that the contents of the container are assured to remain safe.

3. Means of transport

This part involves checking for the method of transportation you intend to use to transport your container once you have hired it. If the container stands too tall, it may be tricky to move it by road because first it could be heavier than it should on weigh bridges or it could even fail to fit under regular bridges or tunnels causing unnecessary hassle. Just being sure of how you need to move the contents of the container and the size of the container can help you plan better and anticipate such issues.

4. Period of time you need the container for

Knowing how long you will need to hire the container for will help you plan better for unforeseen occurrences. Transporting containers either by sea or land can have many unpredicted occurrences that may prolong your trip by a few days. Check with your provider for their deals and see whether they offer better deals for renters who keep their containers for much longer and decide accordingly to suit your time frame.

5. Insurance

This is very important to look into. Insurance obligations for containers often lie squarely on the renter’s part. This means should there be an accident involving the container, you will be held liable by the owners. The same goes for the goods in the container of course. Having a clear understanding of where the claims begin and end for all parties involved will save you valuable time and money should there be an incident while the container is in your care.

Availability of containers for hire has made businesses much easier as products can be moved over long distances and across continents. You only need to know how to protect your business while hiring the containers that you need will help make this journey as smooth as possible for you.