Taming the Beast - Using Vines As a Garden Decoration

Taming the Beast – Using Vines As a Garden Decoration

Vines can be a beautiful decoration in your garden. Kind of like icing on a cake. They attach to almost anything and are very low maintenance. A heavy vine, like ivy with it’s uniquely shaped leaves will really stand out in your garden of colorful flowers.

There are many different types of ground vines available. They are fast growers, easy to direct and can bob and weave among your other plants. They make a hardy ground cover and seem to be impervious to knocks from dogs and kids as they inch their way along your garden’s edge.

A twining vine, getting it’s name from their method of climbing, needs a lattice or some porous material to adhere to. They just keep climbing their merry way as they send out tendrils looping onto anything in its path. These vines look great climbing up trees or mesh but must be guided when they first start their growing trip. They are kind of like children. When small you have to keep redirecting and training them but, hopefully, when they get older they do what they are told.

In England, vines are a complete outdoor house decoration. Look at all the old castles and manor houses in Great Britain and Ireland.. Chances are the fronts are completely covered with very invasive but very charming english ivy that attaches itself to the stone or brick surfaces. A very passive way to add charm to your outdoor gardening. Add a white lattice and presto! …

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