Steps Homeowners Should Take During and After Strong Storms

Many homeowners dread the news of a strong storm. The worst storms can severely damage a home and put a family in danger. Preparing for storm season is the key to surviving and addressing damage quickly. There should also be a notebook that addresses escape routes and disaster plans for the family to reference during emergency situations.

Seek Safety

As soon as there is a warning for strong weather in the local area, the family should seek safety. This might be in an inner room of the home or in a storm shelter. The safe area should not contain windows, and there should be non perishable food and sealed drinking water available in case it is needed.

Keep Radios and Flashlights Close

When the lights go out and the phones are dying, a radio will be one of the only ways to receive updates on the local weather and sustained damage. Flash lights and candles will be needed if the lights go out; however, candles are not recommended if there is gas in the home. Should the gas leak, open flames will be very dangerous.

Inspect the Home

After the storm, inspect the home as soon as possible. Check the roof, all windows, vehicles, outdoor buildings, and any utility lines. If there are downed trees on power lines, the local utility company will need to be notified. If there is hail or wind damage to the roof, quick roof repair Beaverton Oregon will prevent water leaks and compound damage from …

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Is It Worth It to Hire an Interior Designer for Your New Home ?

The short answer to the title question is YES. Interior designers are worth the expenses, when you have the expenses to spend. However, there are a few questions that you need to personally answer before you take on an interior designer for your new home décor.

Do You Have the Budget for an Interior Designer ?

Reputable, reliable interior designers are well-worth the price they charge, which could be anywhere from $75 to $200 per hour. Which is, commonly, the starting cost of their time and creative flow. You also have to invest in décor materials, such as trims, wallpapers, paints, furniture, and accessories. In other words, professional interior design can be quite costly, especially if you plan on shelling out for the décor of your entire new home.

Here’s some advice. Talk to your interior designer about a set budget, and go from there. Most interior designers will work with you to work something out, cost-wise. Additionally, you should start with one room—perhaps your favorite room in the house, then save up for the other rooms.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a home decorator, interior designer, and renovation contractor. For interior décor, opt for the first two. For build-ons that enhance and expand your living space, go with a home renovation contractor.

Do You Need Your New Home Decorated on a Timeframe ?

Most people move into new houses with the expectation that those houses will simply be comfortable, cozy homes. Somewhere they can …

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How to Find the Perfect Gift for a Diy Enthusiast in Your Life !

Finding the perfect gift and watching the recipient open it while seeing their smile is the dream everybody has when it comes time to find a gift.

However, the reality of the situation is often that you stress yourself out to the point where you end up buying a gift card to a store they will never step foot in.

Sound familiar ? Below are some great gift ideas which can help.

DIY Credit

There was once a time when a gift certificate (as mentioned above) was an impersonal idea. However, the truth is that a gift voucher can be a great gift if you choose the right store.

For a DIY lover, find out their local lumber yard or which handyman store they enjoy browsing through and get a gift certificate. The greatest benefit to this option is that it can allow for the recipient to immediately begin a DIY task they have been putting off because of a lack of funds!

Transforming Ladder

There is a good chance that you have seen a number of workers standing on ladders in seemingly impossible positions. And while it may seem each of the workers learned their craft at Hogwarts and are using magic to keep the ladder afloat, the reality is that the product they are using is very real and designed for the very task.

It’s called a transforming ladder and they come in a range of brands and options, however, they all have one thing in common …

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Tips for Improving Your Home on a Budget

If you have owned your home for many years, it is quite likely that you would like to change some things up for better functionality or a different look. There are many improvements that can be made without breaking the bank.

Floors Make a Huge Difference

Your home may have had carpet throughout when it was purchased. Many people are pulling up the carpet and installing laminate flooring for the look of wood. Laminate flooring has become quite affordable, and it is easy to install. This is an improvement that can transform the look of your home immensely.

There are other beautiful options including tile. There are many styles that offer the look of stone, marble, granite, and slate. This is another inexpensive option depending on the type chosen. Tile is also quite durable and is water resistant as well as being scratch resistant. Therefore, it is a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

Extra Room is Always a Bonus

If your home has a basement that has not been in use, it can become an extra room for everyone to enjoy. Many basements are not used because they are damp and dingy. This can be remedied. An example of waterproofing contractors illinois is A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing.

Once the basement is dry and snug, it can be decorated for use as a game room, family room, playroom, or home gym. There are several remodeling ideas for a basement that can fit easily into your budget. In addition to being …

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Why Painting Your Building During Spring Is a Noble Idea

Most people don’t know that seasons determine the part of their home or business building they should paint and when they should do it. Painting isn’t done always or during any season. For instance, it’s more appropriate to paint the exterior of your business building during spring. The weather isn’t too cold or too hot during spring. People who paint their homes or business buildings during spring achieve the toughest, most protective, and most durable finish. Even if you may know a few things about painting, the worst mistake you can do is leaving the painting work to inexperienced people. Always let professional painters paint your business building. See why it’s important to paint your building during spring :

The exterior section is greatly stressed out

Different harsh weather conditions stress out the exterior paint on the building fast than you may speculate. Moisture is known to wreak havoc on the building’s exterior paint. High humidity, rain, frost, ice, as well as snow are detrimental to the paint. The paint could also fade because of the sun. The sun may cause paint erosion, thus, reducing the protection the paint offers the exterior of your building. The ultraviolet rays break the binder of the exterior paint releasing the pigment. The paint may also crack and flake off when the building surfaces expand and contradict due to dramatic temperature fluctuations.

Curb appeal is highly improved

 Once the commercial painters spruce up your business building or home, its curb appeal is increased, and …

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