Remodeling Your Basement Can Add More Space

Remodeling Your Basement Can Add More Space

Increase Your Living Space

The basement was traditionally a dark and dank destination to store holiday decorations and old toys. But the modern family uses more space per person than any other time, and a lot of homeowners are looking for more livable space. Turning the basement into usable quarters is a logical choice. Whether you have a full or partial basement, follow some elementary steps to produce a cozy and appealing retreat: prepare space for safe living, consider the method that you and your loved ones use the space, and thoughtfully design the plan to satisfy those needs.

Prepare the Space for Safe Living

Subterranean spaces will almost always be prone to dampness and flooding. Even if you rarely have water problems, address even small issues, and take proactive measures to avoid larger problems before doing every other work. One bout of leaking or flooding can ruin any finish work. Start by consulting an experienced home inspector who specializes in waterproofing basements.

Air that circulates well helps prevent condensation and mold problems. But most basements in older homes have few if any vents and return air ducts. During the remodeling process add these openings where they are going to the most efficient. If your basement houses the furnace, as well as other major appliances, use a carbon monoxide detector to ensure that dangerous fumes aren’t being sucked with the vents and into the remaining portion of the house.

Decide How the Space Will be Used

A finished basement will …

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